Google MMS / Internet settings for Android. Vodafone

Google MMS / Internet settings for Android. Vodafone

To use your Android phone on Vodafone or any other networks you will need to set it up like below.

You need to create two APN’s one for connection to the internet and one for the MMS.

Go to settings>mobile networks> access point names and Click Menu then “New APN”
Enter the following to be able to use the internet on vodafone:

Name: Vodafone Default
APN: internet
APN type:default

The MCC and MNC will be filled in automatacly if you have your simcard inserted in the phone. Mine were set to 234 and 15.

Leave all other settings blank and select menu and SAVE.

You now need to create another APN just like above but for the MMS:
Click menu and ‘New Apn’ and enter these settings

Name: Vodafone MMS
Username: wap
Password: wap
MMS Proxy: (yes its a 0 in front of the 12)
MMS Port: 8799
APN type: mms

click menu and save.

IMPORTANT : YOU MUST restart your phone for settings to work: Hope this helps as it took me two days to figure out.


  1. Chris, I’ve been trying to sort this out for weeks and this is the closest I’ve got BUT I followed your instructions exactly and restarted the phone but no mms. Got phone texts and browsing but still won’t send mms. I take it that if you didn’t mention it there should be no entry in the mms settings but it will not let me remove MCC and MNC. I double checked everything and its exactly as you’ve written it.

  2. What network are you trying to set up ?
    What are the MMC/MNC numbers auto put in. You don’t need to remove these but they must match the settings of the network

  3. Hi Andre,

    What version of firmware is the phone on. There has been an update recently which fix’s some issues.

    Terry above managed to do it just buy updating to RC8 (UK) and using the settings above.

  4. With a huge amount of help from Chris I have finally managed to set mine up.

    The secret is that your phone must be updated to RC9, it will not work on RC8, once I’d done this MMS worked imediately.

    To check go to settings/about phone/build number look in middle of long number for the RC.

    Use Chris’s settings exactly.

    For update go to

    download the update and save to desktop.
    2) Rename
    3) Copy to the root of SD card
    4) Turn off phone, hold down home and press power
    5) Once in recovery mode click Alt+L to see the text, and then Alt+S to apply
    the update, be patient it takes a while and don’t panic at the pictures of chips and stuff.`

    If your phone cannot see the update its because its added another .zip, remove it and try again.

    Thanks again Chris.

  5. Hi!

    I’ve got the latest update (RC9) and copied these settings exactly, however I still cannot recieve MMS’s!

    Has anyone got any suggestions?


  6. you dimond mine worked right away the trick is every one delete every thing first then male new ones i tried to change setting off lots of stites and this one is the only one that worked thanks chris owe you a big smacker xx

  7. George, I’ve now set up three of these using Chris’s settings and the trigger seems to be the RC9, without it MMSs don’t happen. I’d be inclined to think that your update wasn’t complete, try it again in the hopes that it fills in the gaps.

  8. ihad my phone working (call & txt)only but the google user was wrong so it was failing to sign in so i reset the phone and now i cant get past the very first google part cos i cant get any apn settings to work so my phone wont work at all please help

  9. hey chris,
    ive got a g1 and ive tried all your settings but no success i ve tried going to web browser after entering the details plus restarting the phone but no success in internet… and also i have got the latest update rc9,,, are you suppose to get confirmastion texts that internet is avialbale from vodafone… im confused could u help me?? and can u use 3g in vodafone

  10. This works fine!

    The trick is to make sure that all the rest of the settings are left blank. Also the net settings need to be as above or the mms side will not work. Thanks for your help with this, i have been messing with it for two weeks.

  11. thanks chris!! been trying to get this phone to work for a while now and i just followed yr instructions and its working!! 😀

  12. I was having loads of problems getting MMS to work. I did all the settings exactly as you have and am fully updated but it still wasn’t working.

    I got it to work by removing the ‘APN type’ for MMS so it was blank/not set and that did the trick

  13. chris i have t-mobile but those updates here are only “vodaphone” so how do i get around to get my mms working on my G1

  14. hi chris i have just bought a i phone lookalike it looks exactally like one but it is not hence i paid £41 from ebay waiting for it to come back it is what they call an i9 whatever that is the thing is it is sim free unlocked dual sim yeah but they state that the internet wont work unless you have a chinese sim card in now no offence but what the bloody hell do i want a to go on a chinese website for how the hell will you know what they are saying can i just input the details of the vodafone internet in gprs mms txt or is it more complicated than that please help me cheers marcus

  15. Hi Chris

    I have an unlocked GI and am on vodafone but can’t get mms message to work. Judging from the comments above I need to upgrade to RC9 but the link that Terry provided no longer works. Do you know of anywhere else I can get it?



  16. Thank you SO much! I have been searching online and asking in shops for almost 3 months and no one has been able to help me. I am in Germany with an unlocked G1 form the US. This was my last day of trying before I gave in and got a different phone and I found your page, found the Germany settings (using the two APNs was the missing piece) and now I am using my phone just perfectly. THANK YOU you are totally my hero!!!

  17. I just thought I would drop this note to say many many thx Chris as I searched for days for voda settings for my unlocked orange San Francisco

    Thank you.

  18. hi chris …so far your the best help ive received even from vodafone, although my phones still not working.
    i just wondered if youve any idea about the lg620 android phone i cant actually find build numbers or anything, im not even bothered about internet acces, just mms! any help would be fab! thanks

  19. thanks chris for this infomation ive now got my internet ,i nearly threw the phone out the window this morning because the internet wouldnt work ,thankyou

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